Our main production consists of the molding of non-ferrous metals:
- aluminium alloy
- zamak
- brass molding


We transform raw materials into products applicable to the following sectors:
- automotive
- small and large household appliances
- fire safety


We serve our customers from design through molding, precision machining, treatment and packaging, guaranteeing a service always efficient.


die casting

  • 3 aluminium die casting machines from 360 Ton to 380 Ton
  • 8 aluminium die casting machines from 400 Ton to 550 Ton
  • 3 aluminium die casting machines from 630 Ton
  • 5 aluminium die casting machines from 700 Ton to 750 Ton
  • 4 aluminium die casting machines from 1100 Ton


  • 10 transfer machines for die casting machining
  • 9 high speed center CNC for machined parts
  • 2 CNC Lathes
  • Cleaning department with two dry sieves, 1 belt sandblaster and 1 tunnel sandblaster
  • Pressure leak testing machines for checking gas fittings and water pumps


  • 1 Air-conditioned metrology room with 2 DEA three-dimensional control machines in the foundry
  • 1 Air-conditioned metrology room with 2 DEA three-dimensional control machines in the mechanical machining department
  • Three-dimensional Scanner
  • Roundness measuring instrument
  • Profilometers
  • Roughness testers
  • Microscope

pressofusioni sebine

Our History

Pressofusioni sebine was founded 1966, it owes its name to the location of its first factory which has established in Pisogne (BS), near the Sebino lake.

In 1974 the factory was moved to Artogne (BS), in the heart of the industrial area, in order to respond to the new structural and innovative requests.

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ISO 9002

In 1998, PRESSOFUSIONI SEBINE obtained ISO 9002 certification from Det Norske Veritas with the switchover to ISO 9001: 2000 during March 2003.


Pressofusioni Sebine S.p.a. has decided to undertake an in-depth sustainability journey towards environmental awareness, through the ESG Assessment education.

IATF 16949-2016

PRESSOFUSIONI SEBINE obtained IATF 16949-2016 certification from Det Norske Veritas.

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